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Although the game of football is most common in the United States, international football team names are on the rise. In other countries the game is called American football as the game of soccer is usually known as football. Many previous attempts at organizing international football leagues have failed, but the past few years have seen a rapid development of successful leagues as the game has been incorporated into high school athletics as well as at the professional level.

In the small country of Japan, the professional X-League has managed to attract an astounding sixty teams that are spread across four divisions. This league follows the more common international system of relegating and promoting teams based on their performance. A team that is in a lower division, but performs well will be allowed to move up to a higher division. The reverse is also true. A poor performing team in a higher division will be forced to move down in class following a bad season. The Japanese national championship structure does in fact follow the American standard. Teams compete in a series of playoff games with the championship culminating in the X Bowl. In addition, many Japanese universities now have football squads that feed players into the X-League.

However, international football teams are not limited to Japan. Another country that has a formidable football system is the United Kingdom. In the UK, 46 teams compete for the championship of the British American Football League. Similar to the Japanese structure, there is a system of promotion and relegation between three levels. The top level is known as the Premier League and consists of the top five squads that play for the championship in the BritBowl. This championship is held in the city of Doncaster at the Keepmoat Stadium. In BritBowl XXIII, Gareth Dauley was named the most valuable player as the London Blitz confidently crushed the Coventry Cassidy Jets by a score of 26-7.

Other international football fixtures can be found in many different countries. Perhaps second in popularity to the American NFL, The Canadian Football League has enjoyed a great deal of prosperity as the league has grown. While there is not yet a professional league, Mexico has established a three-conference collegiate system that boasts 26 teams. In other European countries, Germany, Hungary, and Norway have all founded leagues and the sport seems positioned for rapid growth in these countries in the coming years.

There is no doubt as to the popularity of football. The great action of the game and exciting strategy are creating a larger fan base. An avid follower of the game would do well to check out some international football team names as much of the growth of the game will be coming from overseas. | RSS | Sitemap
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